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The US House of Representatives suspects Pfizer of having conspired with companies and other intermediaries to limit citizens' freedom of speech by censoring content and determining what type of content was (and should be) considered " disinformation " and now demands in the context of its judicial investigation - in application of the US Transparency Act - the disclosure of all possible communications in any form that Pfizer exchanged with third parties between 1 January 2020 and the date of dispatch of the letter ( 18 July 2023 ) that refer to or relate to the restriction, removal, suppression, impairment or reduced dissemination of content, the accuracy or truth about that content and the communication of that content to external, foreign malicious sources or state-sponsored influence operations.

This claim also applies to all communications of the same nature with technology and social media companies.

Furthermore, Pfizer must also submit a list of all donations, grants and other funds it received during the alleged period as well as the financial contracts that served the aforementioned purpose. Pfizer has been on the roster in the USA for some time. In March 2021, it was ordered by a US court to release all documents related to the development, testing, commercialization and sale of its mRNA vaccine on which it had previously requested secrecy for 75 years, claim the court did not grant.

Pfizer was ordered to release all its documents with the only concession, the spread in time ( 50,000 pages per month ).

Anyone who bothered to look at the released documents knows what came out of that. Pfizer already knew during the initial testing phase that its product caused many side effects, a percentage of which were fatal. But, the EU nevertheless signed new - expensive - contracts with Pfizer for second- and third-generation vaccines which are now common knowledge that they do not protect against infection, infectivity and disease, but cause many side effects. Understand if you can understand ...

Curious about the documents Pfizer now has to release regarding its possible involvement in the extreme censorship measures to which all social media users have been subjected ( and are still subjected on all social media except Twitter ) ?

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